Moran Logistics - Project Profile

Pallet Rack Moran Logistics Profile

"Whatever it Takes...
flexible, reliable, innovative, going above and beyond is what we do."

That Whatever it takes spirit led Moran to RIDG-U-RAK and J&J Material Handling for their latest warehouse expansion... partners that exceed expectations.
• 33,000 new slotted pallet positions
• Rapid installation and loading
• Now totaling more than 5 million Sq.ft. of storage space

The Moran Logistics Story

The story of Moran Logistics is a three-generation, family owned and operated asset based third party Logistics provider based in central Pennsylvania. Founded in 1975 Moran Logistics was formed to provide businesses with supply chain solutions offering  unsurpassed service, regardless of the scope of the need. This “Whatever It Takes” approach to customers has been the company's foundation and continues to shape the company to this day.

Today, Moran Logistics operates over 5 million square feet of storage space in numerous locations across Pennsylvania. As a 3PL provider, the company differentiates itself through value-added services designed to suppport lean supply chain and ensure  seamless flow of goods for its customers. recent expansions include:

Moran's new 1.5 million sq ft facility

2021 Moran opens an additional 252,000 square feet warehouse in Mechanicsburg, PA

2022 Moran acquires a rail served 250,000 square feet Distribution center in Williamsport, PA

2023 Moran Logistics spins off its transportation division into a new wholly owned subsidiary, ML Transportation LLC

2023 Moran Logistics breaks ground on new 1,575,600 square feet distribution center in The Great Stream Commons Industrial Park in Allenwood, PA. Phase 1 of the facility (515,700 Square Feet) set to open in spring 2024.

2023 Moran Logistics opens a new 667,510 square feet distribution center in York, PA

The New Distribution Center

This new DC added approximately 33,000 pallet position to our existing capacity. We chose Ridg-U-Rak, because as a 3PL third party logistics company, we need to have great flexibility within your rack storage systems. After researching four or five different national rack vendors, we decided RIDG-U-RAK was the best fit for our needs and they would be able to design rack storage systems to fit our requirements to best serve our customers.

As a 3PL solutions provider, you never know who you're going to do business with in the future. So you need to be able to handle a variety of pallet sizes, pallet weights, pallet dimensions, and things that overall provide great challenges when you're trying to design warehouse. RIDG-U-RAK and J and J Material Handling were very flexible helping us design a system that was unique to our facility. We were able to take advantage of our 36-foot ceilings and install a six-high pallet rack configuration.

Additionally, we included extensive use of back-to-back or double-deep configurations giving us much better product density... effectively doubling the capacity of our new warehouse. Not only could we increase the capacity of pallet storage, we also increased our organization, our safety, and our overall layout utilization of the building.

RAMGuard Column Protection

Rubber column guards

RAMguard Column Protectors

J & J is a great partner. They always bridge the gap for us when we do racking projects. Over the years, we've tried many different end-of-aisle and in-aisle rack protection systems. We chose to go with RAMGuard at Building 19 is because of its forgiving nature, rubber composition and easy installation. RAMGuard's molded rubber construction with steel inserts provide great column protection, and their anchorless plug-and-play installation saving time and preserves the new concrete floors.

What about RIDG-U-RAK...

"So in addition to the fact that RIDG-U-RAK makes a great product, something that is very important to us is the fact they're family owned, and all of their rack is manufacturered using steel produced in the USA. We're big proponents of supporting American jobs, American companies that are privately owned, that are putting Americans to work and using US steel products. So that was a huge factor in our decision to partner with RIDG-U-RAK ," said Johhny Moran, Vice President of Operations.

Johnny Moran - Operations

J & J Material Handling
J & J did a fantastic job working with us to ensure that we were able to put up the racking in a just-in-time fashion. When we started the installation, the warehouse was 100% full with floor storage products. We erected each upright one at a time and loaded the racking system quickly. Having the flexibility and the patience to work with J & J and their team to do this installation was key.. they're awesome.