RMI R-Mark Certification

RIDG-U-RAK was presented with the new RMI R-Mark Certifications for Manufacturer, Systems and Installation. RMI, the Rack manufacturer's Institute, updated all of their requirements  adding critical design and manufacture responsibilities. 

RIDG-U-RAK is a founding and executive level member of the RMI, Rack Manufacturer's Institute. RIDG-U-RAK is committed to designing and manufacturing superior pallet rack for more than 80 years. 

Below are the three new R-Mark Certifications presented to RIDG-U-RAK along with more information on the criteria.

RMI 5150-Cold-Formed Steel-Cert Manufacturer

5150-Cold-Formed Steel-Cert System

RMI 5150-Cold-Formed Steel-Cert Installation


Here's more information on the R-Mark Certification program from MHI.

R-Mark® is a voluntary certification program where manufacturers of storage rack systems or storage rack decking demonstrate that they can design, manufacture, and install industrial storage rack systems that comply with applicable standards:

R-Mark® Certification Program principles

R-Mark® certified companies demonstrate that they can design, manufacture, and install storage rack systems and storage rack decking that comply with applicable standards. Core tenets of the program include:

  • The company must manufacturer storage rack systems or rack decking, as defined by the RMI bylaws;
  • The company may manufacture their products anywhere in the world, provided that the products are used in the United States of America;
  • RMI membership is NOT required to obtain R-Mark Certification.

R-Mark® Certification Program components

R-Mark® certified companies have demonstrated the following:

  • They are an enterprise that controls the structural design and owns and manages the manufacturing process.
  • They have submitted critical components of their products or systems for testing conducted in accordance with the applicable standard(s).
  • They have submitted a sample design calculation package in accordance with the applicable RMI standards. The sample design calculation package has been reviewed and approved by an independent Professional Engineer experienced in storage rack system application and designs.
  • They affirm the presence of a documented material integrity program consisting of a materials purchasing and control procedure verifying that steel or other critical materials used in manufacturing components meet dimensional, metallurgical, tensile strength, and yield requirements specified in the system design documents
  • They affirm the presence of a documented product integrity program that ensures that components and products used in their systems meet applicable standards. This program may consist of a combination of physical testing of critical or structural components, coupled with calculations or simulations for less critical items.
  • For welded products, they have demonstrated that they have a welding quality program that meets American Welding Society or Canadian Welding Board requirements.
  • They have identified that their applicable programs apply to all of their manufacturing facilities.
  • They have a Qualified Engineering Delegate on staff. The Qualified Engineering Delegate is a senior-level engineer or engineering manager, directly employed by the company, who is responsible for certifying that the company’s business processes meet applicable standards.
  • They update their certification status when changes to their business processes or updates to applicable standards occur.

R-Mark® certified manufacturer, system, and installation requirements

Companies that meet R Mark® certification requirements may make claims pertaining to an R Mark® certified manufacturer, an R Mark® certified system, and/or an R Mark® certified installation, when they meet the requirements set forth below.

R Mark® certified manufacturer

An applicant shall meet all the following criteria to achieve R Mark® certified manufacturer status:

  • a) the applicant designs and manufactures industrial steel storage racks, and/or industrial cantilever storage racks, and/or rack decking, as defined by the RMI Code of Regulations;
  • b) the applicant manufacturers the primary structural components that comprise their R Mark® certified systems;
  • c) the applicant affirms that all individual components used in R Mark® certified systems comply with applicable RMI standards; and
  • d) the applicant has completed and/or maintained the certification processes and license agreements outlined in this document and paid appropriate dues and/or maintenance fees to RMI.

R Mark® certified system

An R Mark® certified system shall meet all the following criteria:

  • a) the storage rack system is manufactured and designed by the R Mark® certified manufacturer (see 3.2);
  • b) the storage rack system has been designed in accordance with most recent version of ANSI MH16.1 or ANSI MH16.3, and when rack decking is installed on the storage rack system, it has been manufactured and evaluated in accordance with most recent version of ANSI MH26.2;
  • c) Load Application and Rack Configuration (LARC) drawings specific to the installation site have been approved by the R Mark® certified manufacturer, and the R Mark® certified manufacturer has placed its certification stamp prominently on the LARC drawings and plaque;
  • d) the R Mark® certified manufacturer certifies that the storage rack system complies with R Mark® requirements. An R Mark® certified manufacturer may approve the use of calculations by outside Professional Engineers in support of system level certifications; and
  • e) primary structural components of the rack structure or decking are manufactured by the R Mark® certified manufacturer.

R Mark® certified installation

R Mark® certified installation status can be granted to an installed storage rack system that meets all the following criteria:

  • a) the rack system meets the R Mark® certified system criteria (see 3.3);
  • b) A Registered Design Professional (RDP) has approved the rack system design;
  • c) A qualified inspector, working under the supervision of the R Mark® certified manufacturer’s RDP, has performed an inspection to affirm that the installation was conducted in accordance with the LARC drawings and/or the installation drawings approved by the RDP;
  • d) the qualified inspector and RDP affirm that the LARC drawings and load plaques accurately reflect the installation and that any modifications implemented during installation have been reflected in the final drawing set; and
  • e) an “R Mark® Certified Installation” plaque has been prominently displayed on the storage rack system at the project site.

Load tables or storage rack components

See RIDG-U-RAK's load capacities for all styles of Pallet Rack - Tear Drop, Slotted Upright and Beam Connection, Structural Steel Rack

Parts or components used in storage rack systems

Aside from rack decking components that meet the requirements of ANSI MH26.2, individual rack components or parts shall not claim to be R Mark® certified.

Load tables for storage rack or cantilever rack systems

An R Mark® certified manufacturer may publish load tables for common rack configurations to assist with the design process, but the load tables alone shall not serve as the basis of an R Mark® certified system or claim compliance with the applicable RMI standards.

Load capacity for storage rack decking

An R-Mark certified manufacturer of rack decking shall be permitted to publish load capacity data or tables regardless of installation status, indicating R-Mark certification for specific products, provided that the load capacity was determined in accordance with the most recent version of ANSI MH26.2.

Additional Information

Questions pertaining to the R-Mark® certification program can be directed to Patrick Davison and Anna Harreveld.