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Double Deep Pallet Rack

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Increases productive use of floor space by 60% by storing two pallet loads at each aisle lane. Uses deep reach lift trucks.


Ridg-U-Rak Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems place one row of 100% selective pallet rack behind another. Using a deep reach lift truck, the operator places a pallet onto the deepest rack structure. Another pallet is then placed on the front rack unit, eliminating the need for an aisle between the two storage racks. These systems are available in original slotted or tear drop style columns.
Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems increase productive use of floor space by about 60% to 65%. They offer low initial cost, good density and selectivity.
Double deep pallet rack has become a very popular choice in high throughput operations by offering efficient use of available storage space.
Columns & Beams: Roll-formed or structural
Features & Benefits:
·      Fewer aisles
·      Increased storage space
·      Design flexibility
·      Cost and space efficient
·      Good selectivity
·      High volume SKU storage
·      Limited space
·      Combination of Selective and High Density pallet rack at lower cost

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