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Horizontal Pallet Transfer System

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High density, deep flow pallet staging and transfer system without the need for inclines.

High Density and Deep Flow
Ridg-U-Rak’s Horizontal Pallet Transfer System(HPTS) Storage Rack provides you with a reliable, uninterrupted flow of product without the disadvantages of gravity flow pallet rack systems.
Pallets travel on rollers and are moved horizontally through the system by a motorized carriage at a controlled forward speed. No incline means no wasted vertical space at the input end and no need for jam-susceptible braking systems. Also eliminated is the fear of runaway pallet loads that can leave the end of a conventional flow system. Additionally, Ridg-U-Rak’s patent-pending design permits virtually unlimited lane depth allowing a system to be configured that conforms to specific material movement needs.
Positive Pallet Control
Ridg-U-Rak’s Horizontal Pallet Transfer System storage rack is deceptively simple in operation. Pallets of materials are loaded onto the input section of the system. Then, following a programmed control, the pallet is transferred through a sequence of stages to the output end. The pallets ride on heavy-duty rollers and are moved by a motorized carriage through the system, where they are banked at the unload aisle.
Features & Benefits:
·    Unlimited lane depth
·    Optimize vertical space
·    Simple design and operation
·    Product always staged at the discharge end
·    Mixed pallet weights in the same lane
·    Food and process plants
·    Distribution facilities
·    Large volume SKUs

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