Mobile Rack Systems

Multi-Level Order Picking and Storage Rack Systems

Mobile Storage Rack Systems are a very high-density storage system with near total utilization of storage facility floor space. The system is comprised of 100% selective pallet racks mounted back-to-back on mobile bases that travel on tracks laid into the floor. To retrieve stored materials the racks move on the tracks, allowing an access aisle to be formed at the appropriate rack.

Complete rack section moves mechanically on floor mounted rails to create access aisles. Extremely high density.


Mobile pallet storage racks provide maximum density with no compromise on selectivity, as there is no need to move one pallet to retrieve another. By using less space, the stored material can be located closer to the point of use for faster retrieval.

An industrial storage system needs three qualities: fast and easy product access, efficient cube utilization, and high return on investment (ROI) with quick payback. Mobile rack systems are particularly effective in cold storage facilities or any application where space is at a premium.

The storage carriages are driven by integral electric motors and can be moved individually or as a section, permitting access to any pallet at any time.


  • One "movable" aisle to reach every shelf facing
  • More material can be stored in the same area
  • Less space is needed for current storage requirements
  • Limit the need for new construction
  • Faster access and improved workflow

Applications & Options:

  • Limited storage cube
  • Freezer or cold area storage
  • Storage area expansion is not cost-effective

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