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Turn-key module systems for order fulfillment and storage operations in distribution centers.


Multi-Level Order Picking and Storage Rack Systems
The goal of Pick Module Storage Rack Systems is optimum product flow. Pick modules utilize pallet and carton flow racks through a storage rack system to expedite the order-fulfillment process. Pick module system designs may include push-back, gravity flow, selective pallet rack and other storage methods and conveyors to optimize product flow.
High throughput order fulfillment
Product loads are moved from pallet racks through the system before being broken into cartons and pieces, where they are sent to pick areas for processing and shipment. There is a lift truck aisle on one side of the system and an order picking aisle on the opposite side. Pallets and products are inserted into the system on the truck aisle side and removed by order pickers on the other side.
This flow-through concept allows distribution operations to be consolidated into one facility that handles all of the logistics and helps to lower fulfillment costs. The pick module system provides the most efficient use of space and labor possible by utilizing every square inch of premium warehouse area cost-effectively and delivering an organized flow of products being readied for shipment to customers.
Ridg-U-Rak offers a comprehensive engineered solution for complex picking operations and pick module design, including flooring and decking selections. We are experts in the design of custom pick modules for distribution centers that feature high SKU traffic, high throughput, and significant expansion. Our experience, broad array of products, installation ability, custom integration and engineering capabilities, and project management expertise all combine to make Ridg-U-Rak the best choice for high-volume order fulfillment solutions.
Features & Benefits:
·      Full-service engineering, project management and installation
·      Multi-level picking with mezzanines
·      Various types of floors and decking
·      On-site project management
·      Conveyor equipment
·      Multiple rack systems
·      Maximize facility space
·      Design customized to your unique requirements
·      High volume order fulfillment
·      Regional distribution operations
·      Rapid order picking
·      High SKU Traffic
·      High Throughput

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