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Slotted Pallet Rack

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Original slotted RIDG-U-RAK

Ridg-U-Rak Original Slotted Pallet Rack Systems feature Hook and Slot automatic lock beam-to-column connections and are available in a virtually unlimited selection of sizes and load capacities. Our patented six-bend, roll-formed columns with fully welded bracing sets the standard for rigidity, strength and durability in pallet rack systems.
Like our other pallet rack designs - Tear Drop and Structural - Slotted Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack is available in a vast array of sizes and load capacities and is exceedingly versatile.
Original Slotted 100% Selective Pallet Rack Systems feature long-lasting powder coating and baked enamel finishes ensure enduring performance even under the most demanding conditions, and provide an easy-to-clean storage rack structure.
Columns Sizes:                   3x2-1/4, 3x3 and 4x3-inch
Beam Sizes:                   2-2 thru 6-2 inch step beams
Connection Style:         Hook and Slot with automatic lock
·      Roll-formed six-bend columns
·      100% welded uprights
·      Superior bracing design
·      Large base plates
·      Offset anchor holes
·      4” vertical adjustability
Applications & Options:
·      100% Selective
·      Universal application
·      Industrial, retail and general warehousing
·      Easily reconfigured
·      Many accessories available
·      Versatile for inventory changes
·      Economical installation
·      Immediate access to every pallet load

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