Light Duty Rack

Useful for storage of material where racking is needed, but where shelving is too light. Its modular design allows for stand-alone units to be easily expanded using common upright frames. Wide Span Storage Rack Shelving is an efficient, cost-effective means of storing bulk materials. Ridg-U-Span's four basic components create a rigid and secure hand-loaded, bulk storage rack system.

Versatile, adjustable all-steel shelving for industrial or retail use. Rigid and secure.

Accessories such as back-to-back ties, bridge beams and adjustable load stops makes this pre-engineered bulk storage system the highest quality, most versatile shelving available. Optional locking devices provide additional security from accidental dislodgement of beams from upright columns.

Column Sizes: 1-4-inch X 1-4-inch
Beam Sizes: 3-4-inch open channel and closed tube


  • Modular design
  • Stand alone units
  • Easily expandable
  • Beam locks
  • Versatile

Applications & Options:

  • Archive/record storage
  • Hand stack material
  • Office supplies
  • Households & garages


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