Wide Range of Storage Systems
From economical 100% selective rack to specialized multi-level pick modules with gravity flow systems, RIDG-U-RAK offers a solution to meet virtually any storage need and we provide all of the services required to ensure total satisfaction of your storage system.

Design and Engineering
Every storage rack system we manufacture goes through a rigorous engineering analysis and testing process. For specific projects, our highly experienced engineering team assesses your needs and constraints and designs a storage rack solution that is cost-effective, efficient and one that best meets your objectives. As a company with unparalleled engineering experience and a founding member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), we adhere to the highest engineering standards of our industry. We utilize the best CAD tools, and design and test our systems to the most current RMI specifications. Our pallet rack storage systems are fully RMI certified.

Using proprietary software developed specifically for our pallet rack storage systems, our sales staff are able to quickly develop a storage system design that not only meets your precise needs but also makes optimum use of valuable floor space. Using this proprietary software, our sales team can provide you with a quotation very quickly.

To complete the process, RIDG-U-RAK has very experienced and highly skilled installation crews prepared to complete your new storage rack system installation. Our teams are professional and arrive on site ready to go. They are very experienced and versed in working with other onsite contractors and project managers. We have an installations manager who coordinates the shipping schedules and installation process to ensure budgets and schedules are consistently met.

Field Support
Ridg-U-Rak's inside sales team and nationwide force of Regional Managers work closely with our network of more than 60 professional material handling distributors across the country to ensure that you get the local support you need and to ensure your storage rack system meets your objectives.

A Project Management Team is assigned to ensure success and total customer satisfaction on every project. This team is lead by a Project Manager who communicates directly with the customer and coordinates the engineering analysis, design details and communication with onsite Field Supervisors.

Rack Impact Damage Control 
Ridg-U-Rak has developed a variety of rack impact damage control designs for use in pallet rack systems. In the event of damage, we provide turnkey repair solutions ranging from field audits to engineering assessments. Our field crews and subcontractors have the experience necessary to ensure proper and safe repair work in your facility.

Stocking Locations For Quick Shipment
A variety of standard rack storage systems are available "In Stock" at master distributors. Our stocking distributors maintain stock with a variety of products that can be configured to handle most typical storage rack designs.

Our network of stocking distributors provides a timely "quick-ship" turnaround for your warehouse expansion or new project. When you need pallet storage rack and your need is immediate, Ridg-U-Rak has the answer.
To find a stocking distributor near you, click here.

Safety and Innovation
As an industry pioneer and founding member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute, RIDG-U-RAK has always taken a leadership position in developing innovative solutions to improve storage rack safety. Column Sentry™ reinforcing, slant-back and offset uprights, rugged beam-to-column locking mechanisms are just a few examples of these solutions. Our newest innovation is the Seismic Base Isolation Technology which provides enhanced protection and minimizes the risk of product loss during an earthquake event.